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::To your hearts desires::

Japanese Pop Mp3s
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Hello. You've reached jpop_mp3s! Incase the name didn't tell you, this is a community that specialises in the sharing of Japanese Pop Music Mp3s!

Your moderators are kirie_x_love and sianface. If you have any questions or comments please don't hestitate to email us at either JpopMp3sLJ@gmail.com or gotischeprinzessin[@]hotmail.com.

This is a place to share and download your Japanese pop music! Please support the artists if you can and actually purchase their musicbecause it's their music, and they deserve it. You can buy Jpop from online stores such as Yesasia and CDJapan

You are allowed to request and upload Jrock music as well! But please remember that the emphasis is on pop.

As much as it pains us, everything in this world needs rules...

(0) Read Guide to Requesting. Most of it is common sense but read it before posting just to make sure you don't offend anyone. We want to keep it peaceful.

(1) To join, click here. the link at the top of the page and please add us to your friends list.

(2) If you'd like to become a Mp3 Sharer, just post! It's an open community for everyone. If problems start arising, I'll close it for only select people to share, so don't abuse your rights! If anyone needs to talk or ask a question, please email one of the moderators.

(3) Please comment the post that you've downloaded music from, it's much appreciated by the person who has spent so much time to do this for you.

(4) Support the artists!

(5) Keep your updates resonable. I have decided to let you update as many songs as you would like, for now. And Pv's. If it's getting overabused, I will change this rule.

(6) No advertising other communities and mp3 rotations and/or personal LJ's. I will delete your post as soon as I see it. I will ban you if this becomes a habit or a problem. Sorry :)If you would like to become an affiliate, please send JpopMp3sLJ@gmail.com an email. Just because you're an affiliate does NOT mean you can spam our LJ with links to your website/lj.

(7) NO TROLLING! Trolling in any kind of form is NOT allowed. This includes any type of sexual comments, inappropriate pictures, links etc. You will be banned on sight if you breaks this rule. No ands, ifs, or buts. One strike and you're out. This community is about sharing Japanese pop music, not about babysitting morons. If you have a problem with someone, skip over their post and don't respond. There is no need to be cruel or rude to ANYONE. Keep those comments to yourself.

(8) If for some reason your post has been deleted, then you have broken one of these rules. Don't come crying to me about it. Next time read the rules before you post.



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NB: Big fat disclaimer
Please consult your local laws and counsel to determine the legality of using our service before joining this community. We will not be responsible for anything that happens because you don't do this.